Fantacast #5

  • Play:
  • Song Name: ABFM Fantacast Five
  • Artist: ABFM
  • Album: Season 3
  • Year: 2015

The long awaited Wembley Special Edition Fantacast finally arrives. I say special edition because that makes it seem like it will be worth it. Mostly I just forgot to edit and post the thing.

It is an hour long though to cover the week missed when we were at Wembley.

This week we are joined by Matt to talk about his first experience of NFL Wembley and Scott to compare this years experience with last year. Long sentence. We also chat about who is terrible, Matts preference in female associates, a Kicker who only Adam will have heard of ideas for improving the league next season as well as briefly bemoaning the loss of EU Grifball.

Scott also provides some sound effects.