Episode 27: Holes In The Moon

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  • Song Name: Episode 27: Holes In The Moon
  • Artist: ABFM
  • Album: ABFM
  • Year: 2014

There are times when you know something historic went down and you wish you could have been there when the person who first suggested something epic did it. Like that one time someone was in a board room somewhere and said "People, listen. This gun has to fly. I know that we don't have an aircraft it will fit into so we build an aircraft around it". That was quite some time ago and the A10 is now being forcibly retired due to American budget cuts. A more recent example of this would be another meeting in another board room. The genius stands up... "People, listen. We dress everybody up to look like Hank Marvin, even a dog. Stay with me guys, stay with me. Then we get Danny Dyer to narrate it". They couldn't even stand up to applaud. Ears bled.