Episode 25: Crippled – Agent Tattletale

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  • Song Name: Episode 25: Crippled – Agent Tattletale
  • Artist: ABFM
  • Album: ABFM
  • Year: 2013

You know what winds me up? When people write “I never know what to put in these” in the bio section of a social network page. Though of late I haven’t seen much of that. Maybe it’s an age thing. Maybe the fact that nobody reads bios any more so no one bothers to even write that. All I know is I always bother to write something in here. It’s really easy too. You just mumble something that at least is vaguely correct structurally and then list the songs that appear in the episode. Though the fact that MS Word is throwing a load of green lines under lots of the above text would indicate the structure is not as good as I had hoped… No need to worry about that now though, we’re at the song listing part!