Episode 24: Speaking Bitterness – Comrade Snarky

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  • Song Name: Episode 24: Speaking Bitterness – Comrade Snarky
  • Artist: ABFM
  • Album: Season 2
  • Year: 2013

I was going to get my Wife a Valentines gift this year. We don't normally do this because why should. I don't get here anything for the rest of the year so why should the 14th of February be any different? What I was going to get her was a really nice box and then fill it full of leaves. Then when she opened it and saw it she would go "What the fuck is this?" and I would go "I got that Bitch some leaves, cus Bitches love leaves" then I would have taken a photo like I did with that Burnt Face Man photo I took when she burnt her face. Apparently I'm going to pay for that. Going back to the leaves it seems my plan was foiled when I forgot that there are no leaves on the trees until like June. I really hate the South. Oh and Eoin, your mother is exempt from the buying shit on this day, there should be a bloke from InterFlora coming by at some point ;-)