Episode 14: Slumming - Lady Baglady

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  • Song Name: Episode 14: Slumming - Lady Baglady
  • Artist: ABFM
  • Album: Season 2
  • Year: 2011

Website design is tricky for somebody who doesn't know how to do it. I know what HTML is and certain codes. Kind of like how people know how to say "Please" or "Goodnight" in Spanish. Although to be honest you don't need to know those words because the people you are saying it to are foreign and should learn English. I find knowing how to put a space between paragraphs is probably more useful. All that being said the ABFM website cannot be built on 'paragraph space' and 'bold lettering' alone. So episode 4 of ABFM will not be the first one hosted on a new website.